Attention overwhelmed mamas!
Ready to finally ditch the mom guilt of a phone filled with years of your family’s photos and videos?

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This exact framework has allowed me to:

  • Transform my phone from overflowing to refreshed by emptying my camera roll every week!
  • Keep my family memories safe, organized and ready to be easily compiled into beautiful photobooks and family films.

Right now you’re feeling:

  • Overwhelmed: ever wonder if you’re the only one who has hundreds of videos in your camera roll?
  • Stressed: Your phone is constantly running out of storage thanks to all of your videos. You have no idea how to keep your camera roll in check
  • So much mom guilt: Baby book?-never even started one. And he’s 2.5 now. All your family photos + videos do is sit on your phone-your kids have no way to access them

Imagine if you...:

  • Had the tools to systematically process ALL of your phone’s photos and videos every week and NEVER drown in footage again
  • Reached for your clear + refreshed phone when you’re ready to capture a moment instead of frantically deleting all the things to get rid of that all present ‘phone storage full’ notification
  • Could soak in all the nostalgia because you actually got around to creating beautiful compilations of your family’s memories

Sound dreamy?

Believe me, it is! And it’s so doable! This Roadmap is going to show you EXACTLY how it’s done!

Hi, I’m Leslie! I’m the mother of 3 (soon to be 4) kids under age 6 and I am caught up on all of my children’s photo books.

I help overwhelmed moms set up a system so they can get their photos and videos off their phone and into the hands and hearts of their kids.

A few years ago though? I was just like you:
When my second baby was born I didn’t have ANY photos printed of my oldest...and approximately 5,000 photos and videos on my phone and computer from his first year alone. I felt so behind!

Fast forward a few years and now I offload my phone each week, create a short and sweet family film every month, and print a photo book for each child every year!

I can’t wait to help you do it, too!

Ready to get started?

Download your free Declutter Your Phone's Photo Storage Roadmap below!