Attention busy mamas!

Question for you…

What if you could get completely caught up on printing your family photo books without completely sacrificing your already limited time and mental energy?


Family Photo Lab

Create meaningful photo books with less stress and more intention

Doors open early next year, save your spot in line below!

Module 1: Mindset
  • Assess where you're starting from and find your why.
  • Values Exercise: what do you want to remember years from now? How will your photo books help reinforce those values?
  • Analyze current photo viewing and taking habits. Keep? Add to? Drop?
  • Set intentions for what purpose photos serve as you cull old photos + capture new photos
Module 2: Book Level
  • Understand types of books and choose which ones you work best for your family
  • What photos belong in each type of book
  • How to create a personalized schedule for project completion
Module 3: Element Level
  • What elements should I include in each book type?
  • Cheatsheet: Events to include for each stage of life from baby's 1st year through high school
  • Cheatsheet: List of events to include in a family book throughout a year
  • Have an event coming up like a birthday, vacay, holiday? Grab that cheatsheet to review, literally check off. Then put the phone away!
Module 4: Photo Level
  • How to narrow down photos that fit within elements chosen in Module 3
  • ​​Questions to ask yourself when determining which photos make the cut. With tons of my own photo examples!
  • Learn the difference between recording the facts of the event and the emotion of the event and how to choose photos that cover both
  • A screen grab video of me culling photos walking you through my though process.
Module 5: Creative Captions
  • Idea Bank of Journal Prompts for Family books, travel books, and child year books
  • How I write monthly recaps in under 10 minutes
  • Where you might already be recording perfect caption content and how to easily repurpose captions for connection
Module 6: Picture Perfect Printing
  • What it looks like to complete the book! (full workflow for seamlessly moving selected photos into the book (+how to use templates to make it lightning fast!)
  • Cheatsheet: Custom book design specs for the two companies I've used for over 5 years: Chatbooks and Blurb Books
  • Exactly which settings to select for physical aspects: paper type, size, front cover etc.
  • Two methods: assembling a book over time or in one session and how/when I employ both methods