DIY Motherhood Montage video

Sample Montage Video I made for Father's Day

Step 1: You collect footage

What's included:

  • List of existing clips to find
  • List of new clips to record

Step 2: I create the video for you!

  • You send me the clips via Google Drive or Dropbox by April 25
  • You check “Mother's Day gift” off your list with 3 weeks to spare while I get to work making the video!
  • Finished film will be delivered to your inbox May 6

Step 3: Gather your family and enjoy the film!

  • Sit back and soak in the accomplishment of creating a Mother's Day she will never forget

*Not responsible for the tears that may or may not ensue upon viewing

Notes: I'll be available via email to answer any questions you may have as you create your gift.


Total: $