4 myths about cleaning up your phone that simply aren’t true

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I’ve been seeing some myths pop up around the internet about managing your phone’s camera roll and they’ve been driving me crazy! They aren’t true and believing they are only holds you back!

Today I’m going to debunk some of these popular myths. And hopefully in the process help you clean up your mindset around your phone’s photos and get you fired up to tackle your family photos and videos!

MYTH #1 ”Running out of storage? Just upgrade to a better phone!”

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With the majority of our recording happening on our phones, there are no longer limits built in to what we can capture. No price to develop them, no film to purchase.

When I first dove into the world of compiling family photos and videos, I searched the internet for tips on 'how to keep my camera roll in check' but the answer I kept seeing was to just give in and buy a phone with more storage! Not only was I not in the market for spending more money on a nicer, newer phone I didn’t need, but it seemed like that would just perpetuate the problem and prolong the inevitable…

Even if I could achieve bottomless storage-do I really want that? Would I ever go back and look at my photos if there was no reason to get them out of the digital blackhole they were in?

So, no. Getting more GBs is not the solution. In fact, I know several people who intentionally choose the lowest memory option when buying a phone just so they have a reason to keep their camera roll in check!

Make sure your phone storage size is a good fit for you, but also consider how you want to see those memories in the future and act accordingly.

It’s similar to the principle behind keeping your home free of physical clutter. Before you purchase something, think about the actual cost of owning that item. The space it will take up in your house, the maintenance and cleaning it will require, the overall time and money it will cost to maintain ownership after you swipe your card.

If you find yourself taking fewer pictures, as I did, you'll have a much easier time archiving and organizing them

MYTH #2 ”It will take hours, I don’t have the time.”

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I hear from friends and family all the time some version of:

“When it comes to decluttering + organizing, I always put pictures at the end of the list because it's so overwhelming to even start that project.

The common consensus is that they simply don’t have the time. They can’t afford to spend hours tackling this giant.

What I am saying, is you can’t afford to NOT start now! What will take hours is procrastinating!

Friend, if you are lucky enough to be reading this with only one or two young kids, let me tell you a little secret. It doesn’t get easier to find time to process your photos. I told myself it would be and I procrastinated doing anything with my photos and videos until I had so many piled up it was almost too overwhelming to even start. (Some of my mama friends with a few more years under their belt can relate).

You won’t have more time in the future. And it won’t take less time in the future-it will take more! Starting now will only make your life easier!

An imperfect today is better than any idealized tomorrow.

With your footage organized and the photo clutter out of the way, you can move past overwhelm and tap into your creative side. Getting your camera roll under control will enable you to finally make those photo books and family films you’ve always said you would get to someday.

Speaking of photo books and family films…

Assess your expectations. What do you envision when you say it will take hours? Deleting? Moving them to a safe storage solution? Making the photobook? Making the video? Are you expecting to have a scrapbook for every year with handcrafted, intricately designed pages?

Are you realizing that with the way we take photos these days, it’s not really practical to do what our parents did and print off ALL of the photos then stick them in photo albums?

Great news-there are so many other easier options! Just as our phone camera’s quality has improved drastically over the years, so have the options for publishing our photos! Redefine your expectations and your standards. Decide to value a finished product over the traditional process.

MYTH #3 “I just wait until my phone storage is full to upload”

That ‘storage full’ notification shows up at the worst times causing you to miss the moment you're trying to capture. When you’re documenting your baby’s first steps you need that storage NOW! Or, tragedy strikes-your phone ends up in the bathtub (again) taking all of your precious memories with it.

When you wait until your storage is full to upload, you skip the step of selecting the few worth keeping from the larger whole. You’re more likely to just dump an overfilled bucket of footage onto another device without actually sorting through them. Plus, it will take much longer as you’ll have months of footage to offload

Take 20 minutes a week and get those memories off your phone--and safe! Then you’ll have the freedom to create beautiful finished products with your preserved footage.

MYTH #4 “More is better when it comes to taking and keeping photos”

Full Art Museum

The paradox of digital family memory keeping is the more photos and videos we have, the less accessible they become.

Isn’t it interesting that we have so many images and yet never sort them and rarely look at them. Previous generations had far fewer pics, but they were all in albums or reels and we looked at them as a family with some frequency.

When it comes to deciding which pictures and clips to keep, create a museum, not an archive.

Empty Art Museum

An archive contains ALL the works of a person. Every draft, every sketch, every evidence of their work. A museum, on the other hand, is merely a selection carefully curated to best depict the artist’s work.

A museum collection is diverse but distilled. It’s more powerful because you have space to immerse yourself in the handful of paintings hung instead of sifting through hundreds of drafts. The works can actually be appreciated because they are presented in small doses.

To recap, we tackled these 4 Myths about clearing your phone’s camera roll:

Myth #1 If you run out of storage, upgrade your phone
Myth #2 Clearing your phone’s camera roll will take HOURS
Myth #3 Wait to upload once storage is full
Myth #4 More is better

Now that you know these AREN’T true, don’t you feel more empowered?! It’s time to take the first step!

Not sure where to start?

I’ve got you.

That’s why I created my FREE Declutter your Phone Roadmap. It will show you exactly how to get started TODAY and warn you of the most common mistakes I see so you can avoid them entirely!